《Yea Tho We Walk》歌詞:byMeg Hutchinson mp3歌詞

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Cold morning in the Midwest,

winter earth in a wedding dress

Sun creeping over those

blue angels of death

So much corn and loss and God,

hold the Good Book tight

For fear the fields will swallow you at night

Landing low over the prisons,

Omaha at Eppley field

Inmates down in the courtyard,

so close that I can feel

So much rage and hope and grief,

and this dream of getting free

Fueled by the sound of airplanes as they leave

Oh my friend, is that your hand in mine?

This valley grows darker each time

Oh my friend the soul seems

made from such a thread

No matter how it tears it always tries to mend

Seems death is my new neighbor, he watches me in my garden

His silhouette in the window so terrible and handsome

If I turn away, or if I watch him carefully

Will I not fall in love today?

Oh my friend is that your hand in mine…

Do unto others, love thy brother

Yea tho we walk tho we walk

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