《Cemeteries of London》歌詞:by Coldplay Coldplay mp3歌詞

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At night they would go walking

‘Til the breaking of the day

The morning is for sleeping

Through the dark streets they go searching

To see God in their own way

Save the night time for your weeping

Your weeping

Singing lalalalalalalalaiy

And the night over London lay

So we rode down to the river

Where Victorian ghosts pray

For their curses to be broken

We go wandering ‘neath the arches

Where the witches are and they say

There are ghost towns in the ocean

The ocean

Singing lalalalalalalalaiy

And the night over London lay

God is in the houses

And God is in my head

And all the cemeteries of London

I see God come in my garden

But I don’t know what he said

For my heart it wasn’t open

Not open

Singing lalalalalalalalaiy

And the night over London lay

Singing lalalalalalalalaiy

There’s no light over London today

Written by Guy Berryman, Jon Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin.

Produced by Markus Dravs, Brian Eno and Rik Simpson.

Recorded in a bakery, a nunnery, a magic shop, a church.

Sonic landscapes by Brain Eno.

Colours and additional production by Jon Hopkins.

All strings by Davide Rossi.

Supporting players: Matt McGinn and Crispin Robinson.

Engineering and recording assistance: Andy Rugg, Dan Green,

Brian Thorn, Olga Fitzroy, Francois Chevallier, Jan Petrov, Jason Lader,

Michael Trepagnier, Vanessa Parr, Dom Monks and Will Hensley.

Mixing by Michael H. Brauer, Rik Simpson

and Andy Wallace, John O’Mahoney and Markus Dravs.

Mastering by Bob Ludwig with thanks to George Marino.

Published by Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd.

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