《Another Day》歌詞:by Lene Marlin Lene Marlin mp3歌詞

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Lie to me, say that you need me

That’s what I wanna hear

That is what, what makes me happy

Hoping you’ll be near

All this time, how could I know

Within these walls, I can feel you

* Another day goes by

Will never know just wonder why

You made me feel good, made me smile

I see it now, and I

Can say it’s gone that would be a lie

Cannot control this, this thing called love *

You must think, how can this be

You don’t really know me

I can’t tell, this ain’t the time

You’ll never be mine

What can I say, something ’bout my life

I just lost again

Repeat *

Always have to move on

To leave it all behind

Go along with time

Repeat *

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