《Trouble039s Lament》歌詞:by Tori Amos Tori Amos mp3歌詞

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Trouble needs a home girls

Trouble needs a home

She fell out with Satan now she’s on the run

But I have found her quite straightforward

in her contracts and her deals

She warns me when Danger is loose behind his wheels

and he is loose behind his wheels

Don’t cry baby

Trouble got evicted from the devil’s lair.

I wager she got betrayed by her friend Despair

Now the flames from Satan’s tongue are charged

and licking at her heels

She whispers “Hey ginger, Danger’s loose behind his wheels

And Satan knows how danger makes you feel.”

What will be will be, baby

You don’t, you don’t need to cry

There are no tears in my eyes

If Danger wants to find me

I’ll let him in, he can find me

Trouble needs a home girls

a covert abode

from Tucson to Ohio back through Tobacco Row

And she is armed and will fight for the souls

of girls around the world

Standing up to Satan dancing on Saint Michael‘s sword

I’m on her side in this brutal war

Don’t cry baby

Trouble needs a home girls

Trouble needs a home

Trouble needs a home girls

will you give her one

Trouble needs a home

Trouble needs a home

Published by Sword and Stone (ASCAP)

Recorded and Mixed by Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek

Mastered by Jon Astley

Produced by Tori Amos

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Martian Engineering, Cornwall, UK

Chief Technician: Adam Spry

Bosendorfer, Hammond, and Vocals: Tori Amos

All Guitars: Mac Aladdin

Programming and Additional Instrumentation: Mark and Tori

Piano Technician: Ann Walker

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