《To Be Someone》歌詞:by Erik Mattiasson Melpo Mene mp3歌詞

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I have thought now for a while

And I confess that I’ve turned it into a mess

From my window what is this

Two billion objects thinking what they should do

People are dots from my castle and I think

Someone tells me it’s useless thinking

But that doesn’t do much for me

So many details there are

I want to see everyone

I want to know everything

Yeah, could use Superglue for all my thoughts

And he’s losing weight for his other shirt

A boxer is sad ’cause of ache in his head

And someone in space is taking pictures of us

On the flip side this is awful

I see my notes turning into clich??s

And I hate it when I’m deep

It wears me out and my feelings are flat

I just can’t unfold it

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