《Darkening Sky》歌詞:byPeter Bradley Adams mp3歌詞

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Oh come with me forever my love,

under the darkening sky.

Come hide with me,

I’ll save you my love.

Hear me, I beg for you life.

Her hair is damp,

Her skin has turned cold,

There’s hardly a sound as she breathes.

Oh stay my love,

Please open your eyes,

And promise me you’ll never leave.

Oh my love,

stay my love..

Hey angel there over her head,

Tell me the time hasn’t come.

Have mercy please on the one that I love,

Her body’s to weary to run.

Now suddenly a thunderous sound,

Like wings have taken flight.

Straight up straight out,

From under the ground,

She’s gone in the darkening sky.

Oh my love,

Stay my love…

Oh my love,

Stay my love…

High on the wind the angels they fly,

Hovering over her grave.

I’ll dig this hole as deep as my love,

And bury her memory away,

And bury her memory away…

Oh my love,

Oh my love…

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