《Casualty Of Love》歌詞:byJessie J mp3歌詞

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We may not have all the answers

I know that we can change some of the things that are beyond our control

And the vision of us may be blurry

But choose your heart to see

Just follow the beat, the rhythm will lead you right back to me

Sometimes it’s a game of give and take

It’s easy to break

But hold on and wait

Have a little faith

I will go down to the last round

I’ll be your strength to find you when you get lost in the crowd

So I’ll stand up tall if by chance I fall

Then I’ll go down as a casualty of love

Casualty (Love)

Casualty of love

The battle of us could be simple

Escape without being hurt

Cause love is our shield, keeps us concealed

From what could get even worse

So baby let me be your soldier

Don’t be overtaken by pride

Just close your eyes, take my hand

Promise to keep us alive

All is fair

In love and war

Knock me down

And I’ll get back up wanting more

Through the fire and rain

It makes me numb from the pain

That’s the price, that’s the price, of pay

Love, yeah

I’ll be your casualty (Casualty)

Casualty of love

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