《It Ends With a Fall》歌詞:byOkkervil River mp3歌詞

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Wish I could remember

Why it mattered to me.

It doesn’t matter to me.

It doesn’t matter to me


Now that you’re

Feeling fine,

I’ll admit that though

I know it’s coming down,

And see it shattering me

It doesn’t matter to me,

And I’m not sadder for

Seeing it come.

I’m not going to run.

I will just come

When I am called.

You want to cut me off

Because I took too much,

But don’t leave me alone

Take off your scarves,

Your winter coat.

The night’s too cold.

When we met I should have said

You’re like a sister to me,

How all that kiss her just seem

Like puny suitors I can see through,

How none will do,

No not for you,

How it might as well just be us two.

And when I pulled you by the jacket

From the clattering street,

You started flattering me,

You started saying I was so strong.

String me along,

But I can’t become

All that I’m called.

And I can’t claim to know

What makes love die or grow,

But I can still take control

And so refuse to just go home,

Back down the hall.

And as I crawl,

As finally all

The false confetti blooms

Up in this attic room,

I’m going make my stand.

I want to see both of your hands

Put down the phone.

I won’t let you go,


The moment stole

My self-control

From us all

And now it can only end

End with a fall.

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