《This Ain039t Sex》歌詞:byUsher mp3歌詞

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Usher – This Ain’t Sex

Babyyy ,I can’t wait to get you up in my room

Laitleee ,We sleep me gonna set up the moon

I’m gonna do you up

I’m gonna do you down

I’m know how that body

Baby flowing all around

And all you’ve gotta do

Is close to me

We get on to me

It’s going down

We’re having sex

We’re making moment

Taking up to bless the world

And this ain’t sex

This is a symbol of two makings love

I’m up in the night

Ah, baby

What you doing to me

Making me believe

I’m not bye to see everything

You givin to mee

Ohh, baby

This is love this is real

This is how you make me feel

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