《Good Boy》歌詞:by Frampton(Seefried) Dia Frampton mp3歌詞

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You’re gonna have to take him away, cause he don’t wanna leave

Charlie’s such a good boy, a good boy

Mamma’s crying out, ‘Where’s he hiding?’

Charlie’s such a good boy, good boy.

And now he’s sleeping at home in his rocket ship bed

Why does being good feel so damn bad?

He stares at a picture of his run away dad

shines his flashlight steady.

Kid, you’re such an easy target, without a rebel bone.

You’re so compliant, quiet as a stepping stone.

Did he give you the love you were yearning for? Did he give you what you need?

Have you heard the headlines on Blackberry street

There lived a kid out there in number 523

He came home smelling of old shaving cream

He began to act out.

He became a little devil, BB gun to the birds

and he spit out the F! and the S! and D! words

His mamma asked the priest and the priest replied,

‘He used to be an angel, mam, Ya, I don’t know why.’

You can keep a secret right? Right. I can trust you with my life? Right.

I don’t get no sleep at night, Night. You can keep a secret right?

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